Area of Specialisation

Design & Development​

Design & Development of complex projects translation vision of a complex product into workable optimized design satisfying all the requirements of the client

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Providing solid outcomes for various flow problems along with validation and recommendations if any, reducing the costs of prototyping, designing, and manufacturing.

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Recent Industrial Projects

Modelling Air Distribution Inside a Shipping Container Size Plant Factory

Computational Fluid Dynamics study on an Indoor Farming, which is a fully enclosed control environmental agriculture structure modelled inside a shipping container was the primary objective of the Project.

Harvesting Wind Energy from the Complex Urban Environment using CFD Approach

Urban wind energy consists of the consumption of wind energy technology in applications to the urban and suburban environment.

Phase Change Material (PCM) Cooled Hybrid Electric Vehicle Engine

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) are considered to be a viable solution for the sustainability of the planet from global warming.

Golf Ball - Aerodynamics Case Study

The aerodynamics of the golf ball is not well understood due to its details and its aerodynamic effects, which are not available in the public domain.