Phlowh CAE is a CFD consulting firm, who are experts in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, Building service, Heat transfer, HVAC and Engineering CAD design. We are a team of four who have extensive knowledge and experience in solving fluid flow problems.

Phlowh is a Greek word, which means the flow of fluids, which describes the companies’ objectives. As engineering consultants, we are committed to helping organizations in solving engineering fluid flow problems to achieve sustainable solutions.

Our team of dedicated engineers has a wide range of expertise in single and multiphase flow with static or moving parts. Design optimization and evaluations are provided with the help of commercially available softwares and open source softwares. We apply leading-edge techniques in the analysis and optimization of complex engineering problems.

We as a team are customer oriented and adapt ourselves to the needs of the customers and implement the latest technologies to provide the best solutions to the clients. We always strive to provide quick and effective solutions which contribute to the goals of the customers.

Our Vision